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Lynn Paula Russell, FEBRUS MAGAZINE, THE ORIGINAL DRAWINGS - Talisman Fine Art

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Lynn Paula Russell


For ten years Paula was editor of the C/P magazine 'Februs'. During this time, she contributed very many drawings to illustrate themes and stories in the publication. Fortunately, she carefully preserved the originals and though we have already sold a large number there are still plenty more that have gradually become available. All are signed and in very good condition. For updates, with images and details, please contact us.

Prices are normally around £200, as is the case with the drawing pictured here.

These drawings are not framed and can easily be posted within the UK, to Europe, North America, and to many International destinations.

***There are links below to guide you on how to purchase and also to our short biographical details of the artist. Additionally there is a link below if you would like to read the artist's article on the Sexual Tarot (The Kairos Tarot)***

If you would like to read and download the full autobiographical account of Paula's fascinating life and career please click on the following link:

Lynn Paula Russell Autobiography - 'A Retrospective'

You can also find  an excellent overview of Paula's erotic work at the website of 'honesterotica' -  www.honesterotica.com