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Lynn Paula Russell, The Tree, from the Songs of Bilitis Sold

Lynn Paula Russell, The Tree, from the Songs of Bilitis - Talisman Fine Art

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Lynn Paula Russell

'The Tree' as described by the female poet Bilitis (Greece. 6th Century BC) (according to Pierre Louys)

Coloured pencils on paper


The Songs of Bilitis  (Les Chansons de Bilitis)  by  Pierre Louÿs and published in Paris in 1894, is a collection of erotic poetry with strong lesbian themes.  The story behind the creation of the work is intriguing and indeed, contains plenty of intrigue, as Louÿs claimed that the poems were discovered from an authentic ancient Greek source, and inscribed upon the walls of a tomb in Cyprus by Bilitis, a courtesan who was a contemporary of Sappho. It was a  claim that at first convinced the experts. Eventually the deception was discovered, yet the work was seen as so remarkable a forgery and of having such worth in itself that the author was generally forgiven and the verses aclaimed as worthy evocations of Lesbian sexuality. 

Louÿs made a personal dedication at the beginning:

'This little book of antique love is respectfully dedicated to the youg ladies of the society of the future.'

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