‘The Raising of Sex – An Introduction to the Kairos Tarot’



It is now time to grant the seeker of the Truth some rejuvenation on the long and arduous journey towards the font of all true wisdom. For wisdom dictates that, should we be true and earnest in our endeavours, we must cast aside all false modesty and prudery that seeks to limit our understanding of our true Self. Sexuality is but another face of our true Self.
Kairos (The Kairos Tarot)

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What subject has been the most problematic and obstructive to spiritual understanding for the past two thousand years? What is it that seems to present us with the greatest dilemmas whenever we seek to raise our level of consciousness? Yes, of course, it has always been sex! One might even think that sexuality had been deliberately woven into the human make-up for the express purpose of veiling the truth and barring us from enlightenment. Furthermore, since the matter could never be discussed openly in relation to spirituality, there has never been an opportunity to clear up the confusion. Teachers of esoteric wisdom, who did know better, have always been secretive in the past, for obvious reasons, but now the general feeling is that it is time to speak more openly. For thispurpose the Kairos Tarot has arrived.

When Freud discovered how much damage is done to the individual when the sex-drive is suppressed, he stumbled on a great truth. This led us to the assumption that complete freedom from inhibition was the answer to almost every psychological problem, which is clearly not the case. Unbridled sexual freedom, with no restraints, may lead to a surge of wonderful joy at the outset, and a releasing of tension, but we soon wander off course if we allow ourselves to be guided purely by physical desires. Unfocussed promiscuity simply diminishes the potency of the force and we find ourselves vainly searching for fulfilment where it cannot be found.

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I think most of us know now that sexuality need not be cut off in order for us to grow spiritually; in fact, to do so is to destroy the very power that could take us to the heights of illumination. For the power that fires the sex drive is the Serpent or Kundalini energy we hear so much about in esoteric writing – the force that must be raised up and transmuted; it is the ‘Secret Fire’ of the alchemists; it is the very power that builds the universe. In fact, acknowledging and understanding this force is the beginning of our spiritual journey. Purifying ones attitude towards the sex drive is the doorway that leads to transformation and it is a doorway that must be gone through. It cannot be side stepped.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am an artist and for the last thirty years or so have been exploring in my artwork and in my life, the many faceted nature of sexual expression and what lies behind it. This was my chosen way of getting in touch with myself, and it forced me to be rigorously honest. Now I can see that all those earlier experiences provided a good grounding for what later unfolded in my spiritual work. Eight years ago I was invited to collaborate in a most fascinating and unusual project – to create an entirely new tarot deck that would symbolise the fundamental cosmic forces in explicit detail as they are manifested in our own sexual functions.

Man is made in the likeness of God, we are told, and the Hermetic philosophy clearly states, ‘’That which is above is as that which is below and that which is below is as that which is above…’ therefore it follows that we are embodiments of all the Divine attributes, albeit in a different form. We see in our own mysterious ability to procreate, the precise means by which God creates life. We see in a woman’s gender the embodiment and expression of the womb and the yoni of the Divine Mother. When we can associate these parts of a female body with what they truly represent, and rid them of all taint, we will at last see them as they really are. Equally, in the aroused phallus, we see a reflection of the Divine function that generates new life, all brought about by the magnetic attraction of the polarities of gender. If we think of the sexual act of erection-penetration-ejaculation we can see it as the creative Life Force joining with Itself in the darkness of Chaos (vagina/womb) in order to create Itself once more.


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The Kairos Tarot states that, ‘there are many levels of manifestation before the gross outer level becomes apparent to the material world. For all incarnation mitigates to the purpose of therealisation of God consciousness. Matter is but an auxiliary of Spirit to the adept… All is essentially thought – regardless of whether it has physical form or not.’

Years of conditioning have ground into us that the material world is all there is, and for manypeople it is very hard to reverse this concept. Realising that ‘All is essentially thought’ we are able to grasp that the material world is only ‘gross’ in so far as its vibrations are slower, more congealed, in comparison with the higher vibrations of finer levels. However, this level must not be denigrated for that reason. Physical manifestation has a very definite and important purpose. We are placed here to enter into the mainstream of experience and submit ourselves to the full gamut of life in order to maximise the experience of sensation and gain insight from it.

The fuel of sexual attraction is love and the desire for union – and yet, while we remain rooted within our own singularity, we seek union but cannot reunite. In this we see the mystery of sex explained in a nutshell. The lower, sense obsessed, nature is forever seeking a greater ‘high’: a more intense orgasmic release. Bounded by the physical vehicle, dictated to by ego, this is impossibility. Animal passion is therefore simply a vehicle for a higher understanding, once we see its limitations as a hint to evolve a still greater intensity of feeling.

Human sexuality, like all creation, must be under the conscious control of the individual – control but not suppression. It can be used to either evolve or devolve, depending on its intent. Responsibility and karma travel hand in hand.

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With these thoughts, the Tarot aspirant sets out on a fascinating journey towards self-realisation. In order to understand how to use this wonderful power of creation, in ways that go beyond the basic act of human sexual intercourse, he must first travel through all the Tarot trumps. By so doing he/she will learn to subjugate ego-self by realising that all sensory data is transient and therefore merely a reflection of his own level of consciousness.

To help open up a greater breadth of vision, Kairos provides us with some unique and precise creative visualisation exercises and through these the traveller will be gradually purged of any residual shame he may still be harbouring. If properly understood, the visualisations will raise the aspirant to new vistas of consciousness in which he/she will see, at last, the real significance of orgasm.

‘Therein will be the Bliss and wondrous majesty referred to by the Ancients as “The Peregrine’s Return.” For the wanderings of the body throughout the life were but preparation for the return of the Self to that place from whence it had embarked.’

This is a very brief outline only. The full text requires careful study. Working with Kairos to create the images for this unique tarot deck was an astonishing experience. Although separated by several thousand miles, we were able to achieve a close creative partnership. There were times when I felt I could not accomplish what was required – the images seemed too strange, the colours of my palette insufficiently vibrant for the effect I wished to convey. There were other times when the images wouldn’t come because I had an inner resistance to them, all of which revealed hidden layers of my own fears and blocks. But at last it is finished and we hope that it will reach those who will benefit from its message. At first it will seem unfamiliar because the traditional names of the Trumps have been changed, but this does not make the Keys impenetrable and perseverance will bring rich rewards. I will leave you with this thought:

‘The physicality of sex must by necessity be of a powerful magnitude to ignite the even greater power of its spiritual core. It remains a truism to say that one enters a hot bath in stages and so it is here. Even the most recalcitrant of souls will, within the parameters of eternity, come to the realization that the wherewithal of sex is spiritual. One can consume the banana skin for just so long before accepting that the fruit is much more palatable and nutritious.’ (The Kairos Tarot)/p>

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