Chaitow, Michael

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Michael Chaitow is a Painter whose work has a symbolist quality through themes developed from nature and natural forms, as well as the human figure. Tim Hilton art critic for the Guardian says; ‘His paintings share something of the form and metaphysical concerns of William Blake’.

He studied at the Central St. Martins with Cecil Collins in the early 1970s, after an initial few years working as a commercial artist in advertising. A further formative experience was a subsequent two-year Commonwealth Painting Scholarship in India 1973-1975.
Sister Wendy Beckett, the celebrated presenter of art history documentaries for the BBC, recently wrote; ‘Your work is overwhelmingly strong, a very powerful vision. You have also a great gift for landscape, which I hope you will allow full scope – the work is visionary, like Palmer’s, but with power’.

His main influences are Eastern Church Icons, Hindu Stone Carving, and artists such as Cecil Collins, Francis Bacon, and Graham Sutherland.