Collins, Cecil biography

Collins, Cecil

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There is on this website a full article on Cecil Collins titled ‘Painter of Reality’ written by one of the main collectors of his work, Bryce McKenzie-Smith. There is also an article by the artist Jane Wisner on her memories of Collins as her teacher. To access and read these articles click here ARTICLES AND COMMENTARIES

Cecil Collins was one of the very greatest English creators of Visionary Art, as a painter and as a print maker. He was strongly influenced by William Blake and by the American artist Mark Tobey. Collins taught at Dartington Hall, Devon, and for over twenty years at the Central School of Art leaving a teaching legacy of inspiration and enduring gratitude amongst many of his students.
A retrospective exhibition of his prints was held at the Tate Gallery in 1981 and a full retrospective in 1989, the year of his death.