Jefferson, Sean

Contemporary Symbolist Artist , Sean Jefferson has exhibited with The Piccadilly Gallery, Portal Gallery and Anne Bellion in London, Cyril Gerber in Glasgow, A3  Gallery in Moscow and provided Murals for the Hotel Filosoof in Amsterdam.
He is now represented by Messums St. James’s in London.
Significantly though during the 1990’s and early 2000’s, a period when painting was largely anathema as a major art form, Jefferson exhibited with possibly the only two galleries in Europe showing exclusively Symbolist work, Antonio Jester’s Jester Gallery on Liedstraat in Amsterdam and Talisman Fine Art in London. The Jester Gallery is sadly long closed, but Talisman Fine Art remains very active as an online gallery.
Jefferson is quoted as saying’ As a Contemporary Symbolist I am not just inspired by the Fin de Siecle masters work, but more so by their methodology, drawing on Occult, largely Philosophical Alchemy, and their Analytical Psychoanalytical approach to Mythology and Folklore. Importantly I have taken on board innovations made by later modernist movements, particularly the experiments of Surrealism.’
Jefferson believes Victorian Fairy painting and illustration of Fairy stories, plus a wider interest in ‘Nonsense’was an early precursor to European Symbolism and these influences run as a strong vein through his work, giving it a British Pastoral feel. This was recognised, during a sojourn living in Cornwall, by the Brotherhood of Ruralist artists with whom he exhibited largely through Clerkenwell Fine Art.
On his return to North Kent, Jefferson exhibited exclusively through Kaye Michie Fine Art at BADA and LAPADA art and antique Fairs.
The work here represents a rare chance to purchase work from Jefferson’s formative period that showed at the Talisman Fine Art gallery. There is also a fine selection of his drawings.