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Jefferson, Sean

Jefferson, Sean.  (Born 1957)

We have a continual selection of Sean Jefferson works on paper on our website - Sean Jefferson works on paper

Sean Jefferson, born Woolwich 1957, was educated at Bexleyheath Comprehensive and graduated in microbiology at Imperial College London in 1978. Fascinated by irrational thought and its associated art, he attended seances and studied the 19th Century magical revival, in his view the hidden hand behind Art Nouveau and Symbolism. Starting his own artistic quest, his first exhibited work was at the Portal Gallery in 1985, followed by a one person exhibition at the Garden Gallery, New Cross Gate.

He went on to have solo exhibitions in Moscow, Amsterdam, North London, Mayfair and numerous mixed exhibitions including the RA Summer Exhibition, Art of the Imagination (Mall Galleries), and the Academicians Exhibition - having been made a South West Academician. His most recent solo exhibition was held at Dimbola Lodge on The Isle of Wight.

In 2001 Jefferson moved to the inspirational environment of North Cornwall where he became involved with the work of The Brotherhood of Ruralists particularly through his relationship with a founder member, Graham Ovenden, and has subsequently exhibited in 'May Magic' at Barley Splatt Ruralist Gallery, and the SW Academy. After seven years in Cornwall he has returned to live and work in Kent.

At Talisman Fine Art we have worked closely with Jefferson for over twenty years, including presenting three solo exhibitions of his work. We now specialise in his works on paper, particularly his drawings, and there is always a good selection on this website including recent work. Our connection with him is particularly through our mutual  involvement with the Symbolist Art movement of the latter part of the 19th Century and beginning of the 20th. This historical area of artistic endeavour has been an inspiration to Jefferson, and  he has become one of the foremost 'Contemporary' Symbolists at work in the present day. Though he owes much to the Symbolists, the artists of the Art Nouveau period, the Ruralists, and to the Victorian fairy painters, he at the same time expresses his own very distinct and recognisable style and vision.

(Sean Jefferson's studio is in an old forge in the picturesque village of Farningham in Kent. From here, as a qualified teacher of fine art, he also provides tuition in painting and drawing. Please contact us for further details of available classes).