Bernard Montorgeuil – Dressur – Dressage


Bernard Montorgeuil

Dressur (German) Dressage (French)

Volume 3 of ‘Die Gurten der qualvollen freuden’ – ‘The Garden of Excruciating Joys’

Published by Bel-Rose (1970)

29 lithographic images. Text is in German – Dressur

Signed by Bernard Montorgeuil and numbered 959 of an edition of 1000


The mysterious Montorgeuil illustrated in the style of the 1930s and 1940s, though the exact date remains unknown. It was in 1970 that Bel-Rose published high quality limited editions of his work, packed with illustrations, of which ‘Dressur’ in German is a fine example with 29 lithographic images. It was published as ‘Dressage’ in French and the title carries its SM neaning into the Eglish use of the word – as training, instruction etc. All, obviously, in an erotic context. Of the four books in the series, this one carries by far the largest number of illustrations.

The works of Montorgeuil (sometimes spelled Montorgueil) are highly collectable and well known to aficionados of the genre.

Our volume is in excellent condition.

Dimensions are

From the German translations in 4 volumes based on the original French manuscript. Printed in the workshop of the 
Gessellschaft Society for Graphic Arts in Rotterdam on the finest special vellum paper.

This book can easily be delivered within the UK, to Europe, the USA, and to many International Destinations, by fully insured post.

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