Frantisek Kupka, Wood Engraving No 5 to illustrate ‘Le Cantique des Cantiques Qui Est Sur Salomon’.


Frantisek Kupka (1871-1957)

Wood Engraving illustration No 5. for ‘Le Cantique des Cantiques Qui Est Sur Salomon’ (1905)

Sheet size: 39cm X 28.5cm. Image size: 14cm x 12.5cm.

The publication was a luxury, limited edition, art nouveau rendition from 1905, with the text presented by Jean de Bonnefon for the publishers Librairie Universelle.

It is from the sacred Hebrew Old Testament poem that, subject to interpretation, is a discourse between two lovers. Though the content is spiritual, the erotic elements are also powerfully evoked and Kupka’s symbolist style illustrations particularly deal with this element.

This large size book was presented with art nouveau embellishments and with a powerful cover design by Kupka which was also repeated within (and which we also have for sale). Kupka made 5 full size wood engravings and illustrated the Title Page for the publication and each of these we have showing here and for sale on our website.

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