William Russell Flint, Gleaming Sands, drypoint etching for sale

Sir William Russell Flint  1880 Edinburgh – 1969 London

Gleaming Sands  (1930)


Third (final) state, signed in ink, and numbered LXX1 (71).

From the edition of 75 plus the artist’s quota of 6.

34cm X 22cm on J Whatman antique paper.

Good condition. Very slight browning between the plate mark and previous mount edge.


In the late 1920s and the first half of the 1930s Flint produced a substantial number of drypoints. These are intaglio prints and a form of etching. The editions of the final state would normally be 75 and distictively signed and numbered in brown ink. These are not the same as the huge amounts of signed and unsigned reproductions that have proliferated, but are authentic fine art created by the artist and are very collectible. Subject matter was often the female nude in various settings, sometimes mythological. The figures tend to have a noticeable artdeco quality in accordance with the time of their creation. Other subject matter for the drypoints was the genre scene often in a Spanish setting.


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