Lynn Paula Russell, FESSÉ MAGAZINE, Picnic Al Fresco

Lynn Paula Russell

‘Picnic Al Fresco’  (1989) (NFS)

Original drawing for Fessé Magazine (No 2)


Pencil on board 29.5cm X 42cm


Fessé magazine ran for 11 issues in 1989-90. Paula says, “We published a drawing and then asked the readers to concoct a story around what they thought was going on in the picture.”

***There are links below to guide you on how to purchase and also to our short biographical details of the artist. Additionally there is a link below if you would like to read the artist’s article on the Sexual Tarot (The Kairos Tarot)***

If you would like to read and download the full autobiographical account of Paula’s fascinating life and career please click on the following link:

Lynn Paula Russell Autobiography – ‘A Retrospective’

You can also find  an excellent overview of Paula’s erotic work at the website of ‘honesterotica’ –

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