Lynn Paula Russell, Waterfall

Lynn Paula Russell


Crayons on paper

54cm X 39cm

One of the series of ‘Bodyscapes’

£750 (For euros and US dollars please refer to current exchange rates)

This picture is not framed and can easily be delivered within the UK, to Europe, the USA, and to many International Destinations, by fully insured post.

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If you would like to read and download the full autobiographical account of Paula’s fascinating life and career please click on the following link:

Lynn Paula Russell Autobiography – ‘A Retrospective’

Lynn Paula Russell writes of the series of ‘Bodyscapes’:

“These images represent, for me, a complete change in the way I saw my physical body, a new vision that was powerful enough to expunge all remnants of shame left over from childhood. That shame ran very deep, it brought paralysing inhibitions and prevented me from seeing the full beauty of the world around me.

It was a great relief when all these childhood fears were purged away and my new liberated adult body could emerge – one which did not have to stop at the bikini line and have segments of itself separated off into rude, ugly bits. When we can learn to love our bodies and accept our sexuality, the crevices and bulges are no more obscene than an undulating meadow or a crag of rock; our healthy natural juices are no more offensive than a rush of sparkling water down a hillside.

Erotic power is the same power that fructifies and gives birth to everything in the universe and gives it vitality. It must never be debased by shame or contempt. I wanted to create beautiful, pulsating landscapes that were as alive as I was and possessed as much feeling and awareness as I did. I wanted to see my own flesh as landscape and the land as living flesh – fully sentient and breathing, as I am sure it is.”    LPR

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