P. E. Becat, Louys, ‘Histoire du Roi Gonzalve et des Douze Princesses’ (We have more works by Becat)

‘Histoire du Roi Gonsalve et des Douze Princesses’ (1935) 
Text by Pierre Louys 
Illustrated by 6 Original hand-coloured, drypoint etchings by Paul Emile Becat. (We have more work by Becat on this website) 
Published by Liége, Aux dépens d’un Dilettante 
There were 171 copies printed. Numbers 27-61 on pure Chiffon Satiné du Marais with the set of etchings in colour of which this is number 37. 
Text pages are in their original uncut notebook form. 
Covers and slip case textured and in pale blue (25cm X 20cm) 
Slip case is slightly worn. Interior is excellent, with etchings clear, fresh and distinct. 

This is a relatively short narrative by Louys of 80 pages, beautifully printed and designed. The pages uncut and remain as original text block. The etchings are early work by Becat and distinctive in their pronounced erotic content. 

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