William Russell Flint Phryne drypoint etching for sale

Sir William Russell Flint  (1880-1969)

Phryne  (1929)

Drypoint etching.

Artist’s proof, second state. Printed on paper: John Hall 1827.

Signed and titled in brown ink and dedicated in pencil. (The brown ink used by Flint to sign his drypoints is notoriously liable to fading. The signature here is visible though faded).

The dedication is an interesting one. In strong pencil: “This proof for my friend Ashton Burall 30.8.42.” The date is 13 years after the creation of the drypoint and this proof had presumably been in Flint’s possession for that period. We believe that the Ashton Burall referred to is A. Ashton Burall who was a prominent member of the Progressive League which existed between 1935 -1963. Their archive document describes their aims in this way: ‘The Progressive League was a literary and political group which flourished in London from the 1930s through the early 1960s. Its primary function was to sponsor readings and lectures and to provide a meeting place for the literary and political minds of the time. These lectures and readings were often loosely thematic and an emphasis was placed on presenting differing views of an issue. The League was a descendent of the similar Promethean Society, and in 1957, it in turn gave birth to the Contemporary Poetry and Music Circle, which maintained its activities through the early 1960s.’

18cm X 15cm

£460    (For euros and US dollars please refer to current exchange rates)

This picture is not framed and can easily be posted within the UK and shipped to most international destinations.

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